Our Botanical Collection

About Our Hotel

Hotel Manjusha located just beside Hazarduari Palace and on the bank of the river Bhagirathi draws a large number of tourists every year. Hotel Manjusha’s garden is overwhelming with an explicit collection of flourishing & wide variety of green plants that includes rare species of plants too.MrUtpal Sarkar, the Hotel Owner, make it a point to take each boarder around the garden to introduce with and enjoy the beauty of the greenery, the wide variety of flowers and the early morning chirping of birds that surely energize all the visitors of this Hotel.

About Our Botanical Collection

No boarder is unattended by the Caretaker or the Hotel Owner for a visit to the garden and the interested boarders are gifted with saplings thereby making persons plant lovers.

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All credit goes to the Authority of Hotel Manjusha.

Place to Visit

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    Kat Gola Palace

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    Katra Masjid

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    Hira Jhil